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To Do List

So! you have made the decision to move ahead with your website, congratulations!

You now need to know what you must do, and gather to assist Splash Media Design make this possible.

Here is our Guide, or "Website To Do List" to help you along the way:

1.    Choose a Domain Name

The quality of your Domain Address will be the first "Brownie Point" that you can earn in the ranking of your website in Search Engines, which is why the best domain names are those that have keywords in them – e.g. is better than  

It is not required to have your business name in the domain address, but it doesn't hurt to include at least part of your business name, unless this results in a long and hard to remember domain address!   Naturally the domain address that you choose must also be available!

Note:  For Australian Domains  i.e. or, you must have a registered business that is either closely named to, or carries out the business of the keywords you choose.  We recommend conducting a trademark search and registering the business name to prevent ever being challenged in the future.

You can conduct a search to see if your preferred domain address is available at, it is also wise to do a trademark search in Australia.

2.    Choose a Style of Website

The best way to advise Splash Media Design of your preferred style of website, is to conduct an internet search, and supply us with a list of websites that you really like, and why.   Pay attention to the website layouts, colours, busy or sparceness, graphics and other inclusions, that you would like in your website.   

Would you like a Self Administerable website that you can modify yourself?

It helps Splash if you can draw diagrams - and if you are handy with Powerpoint, show us the colours you would prefer, and where you would like to place your banners, your menu and your images.

3.    Page Content of Your Website

The most common pages that all website share are the Welcome, About Us, Contact Us, Services, Products, Articles, Newsletter pages etc.  

Will you also require:

  • A Shopping Cart and Ecommerce To Take Money On Line?
  • A Photogallery?
  • A Quote Form?
  • A Survey Form?
  • A Forum or Bulletin Board?
  • A YouTube Movie Page?
  • A Menu Page?
  • Other Web Pages?
  • A Flash Image or Movie?
  • A Talking Head

4.    Copy Content of Your Website

We require written words (at least 1,000) in copy and paste format, about your business with at least one (1) image (and ideally no more than 4 images) per page for your website. These are not only essential for your customers to understand your business and services, but important to Splash, so that we may properly optimise your website for Search Engines good ranking.

When preparing your copy, consider what your visitors will need know, e.g. why they will be interested in your products and services and why are they better?  What is your history, your future, your speciality and commitments to service?

If you feel you are not a good writer, you might like to take advantage of our website copyrighting services, where we will interview you to create website copy that satisfies both future customers and the search engines.

5.    Getting Found Upon The Internet

Firstly ask your self about your target audience – who are they, and what keywords and key phrases would they be most likely use to find products or services like yours.

Where is your target audience situated? A Town, City, a State of Australia, Nationally or Overseas?

We will need to establish whether your internet reach goals are achievable through Basic Search Engine Optimisation, or whether you will need more Advanced SEO Services to compete in more competitive internet industries.

6.     What Else?

You may have some very specific needs that our range of "Turn Key" Solutions are not suited to, and may require research on our part for the relevant software, or the sourcing of a specialist programmer for unique services.

This information should get you started on the road to a fantastic website and very easy going web designers!

We really look forward to working with you!


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